Laten we samen jouw organisatie slimmer en efficiënter maken!

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“The drive to make something beautiful is insane”

Dennis Henkes

Co-founder & Co-owner

Hello hard worker

How nice that you look at our website. Perhaps you have the feeling that your work can be more efficient. Perhaps even safer. If this is the case, come by for a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Then we will look together to see how we can improve your work experience.

You’ve read our mission already. Making your work more efficient and safer. We do this in three ways.

Products specially designed for employees to work safely and efficiently. Examples of our products:

H-50, Professional handheld;
OnAir, Advanced device management system;
Evresys, Bluetooth based track-and-trace system;
BramaXS/KMS, Cyber security systems.

Service to help companies realize complete technological solutions.

Service to strengthen teams with different types of developers. Our developers are spread all over the world.

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